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Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbon EmbroideryRibbon Embroidery is often used to embellish Cross Stitch Designs. Ribbon Embroidery uses various surface embroidery stitches to create designs.

Silk ribbon is a woven reeled or filament silk.

Start always with your ribbon ironed flat. You can use anything for this task -usually a hair curling iron or an iron - but use the lowest heat that will straighten the ribbon.

If you need to, spritz with some water. Flat ribbon forms the stitches more easily and looks fuller when stitched.

Silk ribbon does fray with stitching. To minimize the fraying:

1.Use short lengths. For much stitching you can use 18" pieces, but when you are working a lot of french knots or through several layers of fabric you may need to use pieces as short as 12".

2.Use a chenille needle - these are sharp needles with extra large eyes. If you're stitching on evenweaves or through just one layer of a muslin or silk, you can use the smaller size needle but otherwise do yourself a favor and go with the larger sized needle.

Ribbon size Needle size
2mm 20-18mm

4mm 18-16mm

7mm 16-14mm

13mm 14mm

Usually you don't stitch with the larger sizes of silk ribbon such as 25mm, 32mm and 50 mm. You manipulate them into shapes and then attach them because the ribbon compresses too tightly at the insertion points and doesn't have enough space to fan out properly.

Although ribbon seems pricey at the yard level, it covers up to 40% more area than other fibers.

Yes, a little goes a long way! It's also up to 35% faster than other types of stitching, making it the perfect embellishing art.

At the basic level it uses 5 stitches - straight stitch, ribbon or Japanese leaf stitch, lazy daisy, French knot and stem (and whipped stem) stitch. Add 5 more stitches - woven or spider's web rose, feather, fly, fern and split stitch - and you can create an enormous variety of beauty

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Ribbon Embroidery

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