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Vandyke Stitch

Vandyke stitch

  • Draw two parallel line lines on your fabric.
  • Come up from the back side of the fabric on the left parallel line.
  • Take a short right to left weave stitch at the top center of the two parallel lines and pull through.
  • Your working thread should be on top of the short stitch.
  • Take a weave stitch from the right parallel line across to the left line.
  • You now have two short stitches that form one stitch line between your drawn parallel lines and you have positioned your working thread to remain in the center of the design.
  • Weave your needle into the two short stitches without piercing the fabric; starting on the right top and weaving under the left stitch. This is the beginning of your braid.
  • Take a single weave stitch from your right line to left line.
  • Slide your needle through the newly formed stitches so it passes under the center; again without piercing the fabric.
  • Continue this right to left stitching and thread weaving through the end of the design.
  • Make sure that your working thread remains on top of the stitches or your braid will reverse.
  • To end the stitch come to the back side of the fabric on the right side and tie off.
  • Make sure that the initial center weave stitch is perfectly centered or your braid will be lopsided.
  • Do practice this stitch several times before using it in your design. While it is not hard to do, keeping it even can be a challenge.

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